Linda Heron

Linda Heron

Ontario Rivers Alliance is a small but mighty organization with a strong track record of protecting rivers, and Linda serves as both its Executive Director and Board Chair with no other permanent staff. Because of her dedication to healthy river systems and her holistic approach to protecting them, ORA has safeguarded 24 sites on 12 Ontario rivers from hydroelectric development. Most recently, they succeeded in getting the City of London to unanimously vote to decommission the Springbank Dam on the Thames River. This would eliminate the last man-made barrier on that stretch of the Thames, thereby improving water quality, enhancing habitat, and protecting endangered species.

Linda is an active member of the Great Lakes Network that Freshwater Future coordinates, and she works on it all—improving policy, education and awareness, and collaboratively working with others to build a united voice in support of healthy rivers.

Freshwater Future is thrilled to recognize Linda for her work with Ontario Rivers Alliance and to honor her as a Freshwater Hero.

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