Evelyn Stone

Evelyn Stone

As Councillor for the Michipicoten First Nation on the remote northern shore of Lake Superior, Evelyn has a special and spiritual connection to water. She believes in living in balance with Mother Earth, and much of her work is centered around honoring the call to keep our water clean and safe today and for future generations. Evelyn has shared this connection with her community and youth from around the world through a water ceremony where members of all generations shared in story telling that emphasizes the importance of keeping our water clean. The even was so powerful, she plans on continuing it every year.

Evelyn is a quiet, contemplative, and well-respected leader to her people. Her love and deep respect for others and for the water that gives us life is evident in everything she does, and she has an unshakeable belief in the power to bring about positive change. As Evelyn says, “When we stand together, we can accomplish anything.”

Freshwater Future is honored to stand with the members of Michipicoten First Nation and grateful to Evelyn for her role as a Freshwater Hero.

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