Freshwater Voices 2018 Issue One

Freshwater Voices 2018 Issue One

Our Freshwater Heroes

In every community around the Great Lakes, you’ll find thoughtful, committed residents taking action to protect our lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, shorelines, and drinking water. Small, individual actions can make a big difference, and at Freshwater Future we’re inspired by those who devote their time to making things better.

Most of you reading this are exactly those types of people. You clean up beaches, you leave no trace, you speak up at public meetings and write letters to the editor, and you make a habit of contacting your elected officials to let them know what needs to change. In short, you get involved. It’s this collective involvement that helps keep our waters safe, clean, and accessible to all.

This edition of Freshwater Voices recognizes just a handful of the good people doing good things to protect the water in our Great Lakes region. From social justice activists in Detroit, Michigan to tribal leaders on the remote shores of Lake Superior, every one of these Freshwater Heroes is not only working to safeguard their water, but alo caring for the people in their communities and serving as an inspiration to us all.

Sylvia Orduño

Kathleen Heideman

Monica Lewis-Patrick

Linda Heron

Evelyn Stone

Matt Meersman

Lee Botts

Tracey Shafroth

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