John Jackson Citizen Advocate

John Jackson Citizen Advocate

John Jackson is a passionate leader who has been tirelessly advancing public engagement throughout the Great Lakes—since before “engagement” was a buzzword! Combining an extraordinary depth of knowledge about the Great Lakes with passion and a strategic vision for binational collaboration, John has a remarkable ability to influence Great Lakes policies and issues.

For many years, John’s work was focused through Great Lakes United (GLU)— which he described as an international coalition of over 140 groups with some 100,000 diverse individuals, all working to protect the basin’s health and beauty. Today, John continues to dedicate his time to Great Lakes issues, with a particular focus on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement and engaging stakeholders and the public in caring for our shared waters.

We are grateful for John’s unparalleled passion, contributions and dedication, and are pleased to present him with a Freshwater Hero award.

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