Resources for Mining Article 2017 Issue 1

Resources for Mining Article 2017 Issue 1

Links About Mining Projects

Back Forty Project:

NorthMet Project, Polymet:

Mining General:

This report evaluates the clean-up costs of hardrock mining in the US and the burden on the Superfund program.

Copperwood Mine:

The table below highlights mines that are currently in the permitting or exploratory process, as of April 11, 2017.

Name, Owner, Location Size Wetlands Impacted Type of Mine Status
Back Forty,


Stephenson, Michigan

Approx 1,000 acres owned and leased (check before we publish)

Pit size

Not yet known Open-pit gold, nickel, copper, Permits received for mining and air.  Pending wastewater discharge  (NPDES) and wetlands.
NorthMet Project,

Poly Met


Babbit, Minnesota

6,650 acres 913 acres of wetland permanently removed Open-pit

gold, nickel

Permits applied for include: mining, water appropriations, and dam safety.  Have not yet submitted wetlands permit.
Copperwood Project,

Highland Copper/Lougueul,

Porcupine Mountain State Park, Gogebic, Ontonagon and Keweenaw Counties, Michigan

21 exploration holes, of which 12 are in a 1-square mile area located in the state park. Not yet known Copper Exploratory permits granted, possibly including road construction.

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