Dan McDermott

Dan McDermott

Freshwater Future honours Dan McDermott who sadly passed away in September 2016. He was most recently the Director of the Ontario Chapter of Sierra Club.

Dan dedicated his life and career to protecting the environment. He tirelessly and bravely fought for our air and water. He never feared taking on even the toughest of opponents, including the nuclear and coal industries.

Dan was a mentor to many young activists. He inspired generations through his realistic but optimistic approach. He improved the quality of our lives in many ways, including through his work to stop acid rain and to establish Ontario as the first North American jurisdiction to phase out coal.

And like Freshwater Future, Dan believed in strong Canada-US cooperation. It was his idea to create the Sierra Club Bi-National Great Lakes Committee.

Undoubtedly, Dan will continue to inspire all those who knew him to follow their passion, maintain the course, and fight for clean water and air. He will go down in the history books as a Freshwater Hero.


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