Walk, Paddle and Roll: Funds, Fundraising Skills and Fun!

Walk, Paddle and Roll: Funds, Fundraising Skills and Fun!

What organization doesn’t need some extra funds? Not any that we know! Take part in Freshwater Future’s online fundraiser, Walk, Paddle and Roll, and you will get the following:

• Funds raised quickly and easily online
• Help crafting your fundraising message
• Training to do online fundraisers for the future
• A chance to have some fun!

How does it work? Your organization can create a team page and have an unlimited number of team members to raise funds for your organization and Freshwater Future. We will give you up to 75% net of the funds you raise. The 25% we keep is used to offset fees and expenses.

You’ll get help setting up your team website and individual websites, including writing an effective fundraising ask for your organization (this can help with future fundraising work too!).

Freshwater Future sends out thank you’s to your donors and provide you a list of all your donor’s information.



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