Freshwater Voices 2015, Issue 2

Freshwater Voices 2015, Issue 2

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This issue of Freshwater Voices focuses on restoring the health of our Great Lakes. Toxic pollution, habitat destruction, invasive species and polluted runoff are just a few of the threats that have made restoration a priority for our waters.

Successfully restoring the health of our Great Lakes requires work at many different levels—from local to international.

We hope the stories, updates, and highlights included will inspire you to take one or more of our suggested actions (Page 5) to support restoration. Thank you for being a part of Great Lakes Solutions Movement.

Director’s Note: Opening Our Eyes

Great Lakes Restoration- Local Level: Local Citizen Action + State and Federal Partners = Cleanup of White Lake Area of Concern

Great Lakes Restoration- Bi-National Level: It’s Not Easy Being Green (for Lake Erie)

Repeating History or New Problem?

Great Lakes Restoration- Federal Level: Collaboration Power: $1.9 Billion for the Great Lakes

Success Story Healing Our Waters:  Minnesota Land Trust Restores Radio Tower Bay 

You Are Part of Restoring The Great Lakes!: Things you can do to help

Walk, Paddle and Roll: Funds, Fundraising Skills and Fun!

Mark Your Calendars: Freshwater Future Chosen As September Charity Partner

Thank You to All of Our donors from February 1, 2015 through June 30, 2015

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Keeping Track to Stay in the Black

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