THE GREAT LAKES: Freshwater Future Awards $100,000 for Restoration

THE GREAT LAKES: Freshwater Future Awards $100,000 for Restoration

Freshwater Future awards grants for the Healing Our Waters (HOW) Coalition to give groups working on aquatic restoration projects the capacity to secure large-scale federal funds for their work, most notably federal Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grants, in addition to others. In 2013, we awarded $100,000 to seven groups in the Great Lakes region. Such projects include that of Grand Rapids Whitewater to investigate the current population and distribution of the endangered freshwater snuffbox mussel (Epioblasma triquetra) as part of their restoration project, for which they will be applying for federal funding. Their final project will transform the urbanized reach of the Grand River through Grand Rapids, MI from a uniform channel, with a series of dams over 100 years old, into the dynamic river system it once was. Another example includes that of Friends of the Detroit River to cover their staff labor and expenses associated with preparation of federal grant applications for their invasive species prevention and control work.

If you have a restoration project underway or planned, check out if you can use a grant to help build your group’s capacity to secure federal funding for your project. And new for 2014—this grant program will be offering smaller grants to help groups engage with government-led restoration work in their community. Check out our website for the 2014 HOW Request for Proposals (RFP) and application at


The St.Louis River Alliance in Duluth, MN is working to restore the St. Lawrence River Area of Concern, cleaning the beach, educating kids, and restoring the Habitat of the Piping Plover

Friends of the Detroit River received GLRI funding to restore habitat and waterfront redevelopment in a historically degraded area.



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