DIRECTOR’S NOTE learn to Share, Share to learn

DIRECTOR’S NOTE learn to Share, Share to learn

by Jill Ryan

As the leaves begin to turn, it means the temperatures will begin to fall, which also means students are returning to classrooms. As they embark on a new school year of learning, and I read through this current issue of Freshwater Voices, it is evident learning doesn’t end in the classroom. Learning is facilitated through sharing information. And
this issue highlights an abundance of that happening in the Freshwater Future community.

Examples in this issue include: inviting you to reach out to the EPA with information you know about fracking activities, faith communities educating themselves then offering that information on to others, exchanging of knowledge between organizations through our
Insight Services, learning to share your story through media, and even sharing funds to help organizations complete projects.
I challenge you to recognize the expertise you have, and pass it along. Share with others. While you share, recognize you are providing opportunities for others to learn. Look out for what others have to share with you, and keep on learning. If you have something to share consider contacting us to see if we can include an article in a future Freshwater Voices.



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