HOW Grant Highlights

HOW Grant Highlights

The 12 projects funded are quite diverse, highlighting the many restoration needs facing our Great Lakes. The groups that received HOW Grants will be able to accomplish a variety of projects involving protecting Great Lakes waters. Below are highlights of projects by two groups that received HOW funding.

Save the Dunes

Save the Dunes will use the HOW Grant to develop a competitive Great Lakes Restoration Initiative proposal to address E. coli sources in the Grand Calumet River Area of Concern to reduce beach closures and restore recreational use. Save the Dunes plans to work with municipalities, beach managers and state and federal agencies to use existing surveys and data and take actions that will reduce pollution and beach closures.

Partnership for the saginaw Bay Watershed

The Partnership for Saginaw Bay Watershed have found phragmites are crowding out native plants, reducing public access and creating fire hazards in Saginaw Bay coastal areas. Using the HOW grant, the Partnership will be working with four counties to conduct an invasives control project on public land to restore fish habitat and enhance recreational access in Saginaw Bay.




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