Get Prepared with Freshwater Future Climate Adaptation Grants

Get Prepared with Freshwater Future Climate Adaptation Grants

As the issue of climate change becomes more prevalent in the definition of environmental protection, it is important for people to know how climate change affects them and their surrounding environment. Freshwater Future recognizes this importance and is working to provide information and funding opportunities on the issue of climate change to those living in the Great Lakes region.

On October 22nd and 23rd we hosted the Fall 2010 Climate Symposium at the Inn on Ferry Street in downtown Detroit. Those in attendance were very engaged and interested in how climate change plays a role in their work. The energy in the room during the discussions and presentations was inspiring. Individuals were able to talk about their projects in a group setting, which provided them support and ideas to strengthen their project and find out how it relates to climate change.

Representatives from EcoAdapt, a national leader in assisting communities to prepare for climate change, presented information and assisted groups in taking climate change realities into consideration in community projects and decision-making.

This was the first symposium in a series Freshwater Future will hold to explore and assist groups interested in finding out how climate change plays a role in their river, lake and wetland protection and restoration work. The symposium will also prepare groups for climate related funding opportunities, including Freshwater Future’s new Climate Grants.

Freshwater Future is interested in helping communities make their water resources more resilient to change due to unpredictable climate in the future. It is important for communities to have healthy water systems in order to support jobs and families in the Great Lakes region.

There has been so much interest in a symposium, we even had to turn some people away! But being that this is the first of a series of symposia for Freshwater Future, we will be keeping a list of folks interested in receiving information about future events, and perhaps look for a bigger venue in the future to ensure there is space for all who are interested. If you are interested in keeping up to date on our climate symposium and climate related funding opportunities, email us at or visit our website.

Thank you to the Kresge Foundation and New Prospect Foundation for providing funding for our climate program.



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