Clarifying our Organization Attracted Funds: Start a Planning Process — It Will Be Worth It

Clarifying our Organization Attracted Funds: Start a Planning Process — It Will Be Worth It

Barbara King, Centre for Sustainable Watersheds

CSW PhotoIt started out with what I and others at the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds thought was a simple request to Freshwater Future—Can you help us update our Strategic Plan?

Sure, was the answer we received, but the outcomes from this simple request have been HUGE.

One of the big issues that Centre for Sustainable Watersheds was struggling with was understanding our own identity and how we fit in with the other lake and river organizations in Canada.  Jill Ryan at Freshwater Future provided us with a process that helped us figure this out—who we were, how we were different from others, what our higher purpose is, our long-term goals and strategic outcomes.  Now we have the confidence to move forward with communications that are clear.

As a result, we have a great story to tell about who we are and where we are going.  Using this story, we were able to get a large grant from Mountain Equipment Co-op to support  communications and fundraising efforts for our organization.  .

Working with Jill and her team at and Freshwater Future was great.  They are really down to earth and genuinely care about the people and organizations they are working with.  You can tell that helping organizations is their passion.

I know there are many organizations that don’t know their strategic direction and where to go for money and grants.  I highly recommend that groups contact Freshwater Future—it will be worth it.

Barbara King is the Executive Director at Centre for Sustainable Watersheds,

Centre for Sustainabale Watersheds will be hosting a fundraising event on January 22nd, 2014 in Perth, Ontario with special guest, Maude Barlow.   See  for more information about this event.





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