What is Your Bacon Worth?

What is Your Bacon Worth?

 How one community group loves its food and is working to ensure it is produced in a safe way.



As an avid cook, you would think that a new farm coming to town would be good news. But for Mary, of Farms not Factories, she was worried.

The new farm was a proposed Concentrated Animal Feed Operation (CAFO) in Ashland County, Wisconsin. Mary started questioning county officials about whether it was true. Once it was confirmed, Mary became outraged that this type of factory farm would be allowed, and wondered how it would change the place her family calls home.

This area has historically had farming, however the huge scale of this CAFO is unprecedented in this area.

Large factory farms with thousands of livestock produce more than bacon— they generate huge amounts of manure and wastewater. Because of their large scale, CAFOs have the potential to contribute pollution such as phosphorus and nitrogen as well as pathogens, hormones and antibiotics to our waters.

This proposed CAFO is eight miles from a bay on Lake Superior, the same bay from which Ashland, Wisconsin gets its drinking water—the water that supports Mary’s family.

Using grant funds from Freshwater Future as well as help through our Insight Program, Farms not Factories is reaching residents and visitors about the threats of CAFOs. Because of Farms not Factories the spotlight and importance of protecting drinking water has been elevated.

People of all ages are helping Farms not Factories celebrate the valuable resources clean water provides. Check out their uplifting video at wordsforwater.com.




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