Protecting Our Drinking Water

Protecting Our Drinking Water

DONOR&DRINKING WATER_Lake Water is a basic necessity of life.

In this publication we want to highlight one of the most basic uses for our water—drinking water.Your donations allow Freshwater Future to help people and communities keep drinking water safe all around the Great Lakes.
Water it seems is everywhere—in the form of big lakes, flowing rivers, inland lakes and flowing from our taps. But is the water we use for our drinking water supplies all safe?
The sad news is that our drinking water sources are not always safe. Throughout the Great Lakes there are many threats, like industrial and agricultural activities, that impact our water every day.
As one of the most water rich places in the world, we believe everyone deserves safe drinking water. Freshwater Future is finding ways to ensure our water stays safe for our 40 million residents who rely on the Great Lakes for their water.
Inside we share three stories, highlighting how your support makes a difference. The stories are all different, yet they all share a common goal of protecting drinking water around the Great Lakes States and Provinces.

What is High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing, or Fracking?
Through providing simple drinking water tests for homeowners in close proximity to permitted fracking wells, we
offer residents a peace of mind and control over knowing what is in their waters.

What is Your Bacon Worth?
Through advising and providing grant funds, citizens are empowered to address threatening issues, like hog farming practices.

The Shallowest of All Lakes
Through working with partners in both the US and Canada, we are continuing to ensure Lake Erie algae is addressed in a positive, productive manner.


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