High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing: What is It?

High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing: What is It?

 A long term for a way to get oil and gas from the ground. Freshwater Future helps homeowners know their water is safe, even when drilling is nearby.


Tracy knew that living in rural Northern Michigan required sacrificing some conveniences such as paved roads and internet. But oh the benefits—quiet, safe places for kids to explore, wildlife, dark skies, clean air and clean water.

When Tracy learned a high volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) well was permitted on state owned land near her home, she was worried. How would this industrial activity impact her home and neighbors? Would the drilling make her once quiet neighborhood seem like an industrial park? Would it contaminate her clean drinking water?

Unfortunately, hundreds of cases of drinking water contamination resulting from fracking activities have been documented—the cause varies including spills and leaks, chemical contamination, methane migration, waste pit leaks,
problems with injection wells, and wellbore casing failure. In Pennsylvania alone, the State Government admitted that 243 drinking water sources were contaminated from fracking related activities.

As a result of this threat, Freshwater Future developed our Fracking Well Testing Program to help residents like Tracy living near permitted fracking wells. Our program offers homeowners testing of their drinking water by a
certified lab before fracking occurs near their home, and continued monitoring after fracking has occurred. If drinking water becomes degraded, the homeowner will have the tests as tools for recourse.

Thanks to support from donors like you, Freshwater Future is helping
people keep tabs on the health of drinking water.

The fracking boom is not over in the Great Lakes region. Freshwater Future will continue to provide tools for grassroots groups, communities and citizens around the Great Lakes to protect their waters from the impacts of fracking activity.


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