Ontario Water Centre Community Organization

Ontario Water Centre Community Organization

OnrioWaterCentreTen years ago, Annabel Slaight and Jane Meredith took a canoe trip through some weedy waters. Little did they know the adventure they were embarking on.

Soon after, the two formed “Ladies of the Lake,” an impactful group of over 100 women championing Lake Simcoe’s return to health. After great success with fundraising and innovative projects to engage citizens, the Ladies turned their attention to an inspiring new educational initiative, the Ontario Water Centre.

Freshwater Future had the pleasure of working with the “Ladies” as they prepared for this transition. Through our Insight Services, we were able to provide organizational support as they moved towards becoming a new charitable entity.

The Ontario Water Centre is about advancing water thinking—including encouraging people to “think” like water. In its short history it has seen many successes. ReWilding Lake Simcoe has brought over a million dollars to clean-up and restoration, the award-winning kids book “Do Fish Fart?” is engaging kids, and local water festivals and online mapping have engaged people of all ages. Their flagship project, the ClearWater Farm, promises to connect water innovation, local food and healthy communities.

Freshwater Future is pleased to present the Ontario Water Centre with a Freshwater Hero Award, truly demonstrating the power of individuals to change the world—or in this case, their lake!



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West Grand Boulevard Collaborative, & Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve.