Nancy Staley Freshwater Future Volunteer

Nancy Staley Freshwater Future Volunteer

20801_FWF_March2016 PROOF_Page_3_Image_0005“I need a hug.” This is always the first thingyou hear when you work with Nancy Staley. Nancy started volunteering with Freshwater Future in 2014, and although it has been a few short years, she has put in countless hours helping prepare mailings with her beautiful handwriting and attention to detail.

She comes early, stays late, and always gets a lot of work done! Nancy’s smile, hugs, and tireless work ethic remind us that there is room in every day for both hard work and laughs.

As a native of Charlevoix, MI and an avid volunteer, Nancy has built a great relationship with other nonprofits in the community of
Freshwater Future’s home office in Northern Michigan—so much so that we try to coordinate our mailings so we can snag her whenever she is available. Her work, and the work of volunteers, are integral to grassroots work.

Hugs for many more years to come!



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