Farms Not Factories Community Organization

Farms Not Factories Community Organization

20801_FWF_March2016 PROOF_Page_4_Image_0003Farms Not Factories formed in response to a proposed Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) in their community of Bayfield, Wisconsin. This farm proposes to raise 26,000 hogs. . .in other words, it would produce between 6.5 and 9 million gallons of toxic liquid manure every year. This is roughly the same amount of excrement as a community of 50,000 people—but unlike human waste, this waste isn’t treated. It would be the biggest pig industrial farm in the state.

As a volunteer organization, Farms Not Factories works tirelessly to learn from experts and to research threats to their air, water, human health, and way of life. By bringing this information to people in the community and organizing with others who share their concerns, this group has created a powerful movement that is effectively capturing the attention of decision-makers.

This movement isn’t giving up until they are assured the way of life for their Lake Superior community, which depends on clean air and
water, is protected from these grave threats. For that, we congratulate Farms not Factories for their work!



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