Bonnie Danni Past Freshwater Future Staff and Board

Bonnie Danni Past Freshwater Future Staff and Board

20801_FWF_March2016 PROOF_Page_5_Image_0004Bonnie Danni has been a heartfelt supporter of Freshwater Future for almost 16 years. She has been President of our board, helped improve and maintain our accounting systems as a volunteer, became our first monthly major donor, and has played a critical role as Financial Manager on our staff. She has helped with all of this, while always, always, always having a smile on her face and encouraging words to share.

In addition, Bonnie has an amazing sense of stewardship for our Great Lakes, almost radiating a sense of love and caring for these amazing waters. She is a problem solver, a whiz with numbers, has a generous heart that shines through her work and support of Freshwater Future—all descriptors that pop to mind when one thinks of Bonnie’s personality and talents.

Freshwater Future is fortunate to have such a dedicated supporter, who has helped us grow and mature in a multitude of ways, and continues to share herself with us for the good of our Freshwater Future.



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