Keeping Flint Front and Center

Keeping Flint Front and Center

FWF_July2016 PROOF_Small_Page_4_Image_0001You’ve likely heard of the extreme levels of lead in Flint, Michigan water on the news. But did you know the problem has STILL not been resolved? While residents have now been told they can safely drink their water with the use of filters, which is a start, funding to replace or repair the infrastructure that is the source of the problem has been held up in both the Michigan legislature and Congress.|

Why Flint is Different
We are now hearing that many communities have lead in their water, which is true, and this common problem due to aging infrastructure
needs to be addressed in cities across the country. However, the reason the problem with Flint’s water is so severe is not simply due to old
pipes. It was made much worse when a river source was utilized and the water was not properly treated with anti-corrosive agents, due to the fact that river water is more acidic than the lake water that had previously been the source.

Ongoing Trouble
Because the lead levels were so high and lasted so long, thousands of children were exposed to this highly toxic substance at a time in their
development when they are more susceptible to its health impacts. This means these kids will need to receive special educational and health
supports now and in the future.

Help is Needed Now
The children and adults in Flint who were exposed to this water need help now. The aging infrastructure that was damaged by corrosion must be addressed, the health and educational needs must be addressed, and the city and its residents must be allowed to move on. By not funding the critical assistance needed in Flint, decision-makers are not only risking health, education and further property damage, but they are holding Flint in this pattern of waiting for solutions. This is unacceptable.

Citizens in Michigan, with Freshwater Future’s help, have already sent nearly 1,400 letters to Michigan legislators asking them to move the
funding bill forward. We will continue to monitor these opportunities for you to weigh in and tell our elected officials that the health, education and property impacts to Flint are important to us all and must be addressed quickly.

Citizens in Michigan, with Freshwater Future’s help, have already sent nearly 1,400 letters to Michigan legislators asking them to move the funding bill forward.


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