Granting From the Start

Granting From the Start

Freshwater Future provides many grant programs, but Project Grants are our flagship grants. These grants support work that promotes water resources protection and restoration by influencing community and/or individual behavior or opinions, corporate conduct, and/or public policies, and strengthens the role of individuals and community groups working locally to protect and restore shorelines, inland lakes, river and wetlands in the Great Lakes Basin, with advocacy at the forefront of the group’s efforts.

Since our Executive Director’s first grant cycle in spring 2000, Freshwater Future has awarded $2,309,308.11 in 779 grants.

Advocates, Inc.

One of those brave citizens is a Wisconsin champion and MEA client, Judy Treml, who was recognized as a Great Lakes Citizen Advocate by Freshwater Future for her dedication to curtailing the dangerous practice of winter spreading of liquid manure. Where Judy stood largely alone, there are now hundreds of engaged citizens working for clean drinking water in an area inundated with hundreds of millions of gallons of untreated animal waste.

True leadership requires faith in our ability to reach our most dearly held common goals together. But it also requires the generosity to celebrate the contributions of the brave individuals who stand alone until others catch up. Jill Ryan is a very special leader who lifts up the actions of those around her in a way that encourages us all to stand up for our water commons. Congratulations to Jill Ryan for 15 years of service to our freshwater future.



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