DIRECTOR’S NOTE: Focusing on Solutions

DIRECTOR’S NOTE: Focusing on Solutions

In this issue you will likely notice a number of articles that are focused on solutions. This is the way we like to work at Freshwater Future: don’tget trapped in the problem, find a solution! From encouraging alternatives to coal tar sealcoats to helping groups and individuals participate in the public process for permitting mining activities to creating local gardens that reduce flooding, grow food and save energy, the solutions are abundant. Over the years I’ve realized that in our field, it is easy to be consumed by worry and work. I’ve also learned that the alternative path of focusing on solutions to the problems that cause the worry can make us much happier and effective.This summer as you continue in your efforts, I hope you will look for opportunities to find solutions and use those solutions as ways to confirm that you are on the right track to easing your worries and your work.

Fear is the lack of faith in one’s ability to create powerful solutions. – T.F. Hodge



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