AN UPDATE: Preventing Asian Carp from Entering the Great Lakes

AN UPDATE: Preventing Asian Carp from Entering the Great Lakes

Freshwater Future teamed up with Environmental Defence in Canada to prepare comments based on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ recent report identifying eight options proposed to U.S. decision makers as means to stop Asian carp and other invasive species from entering the Great Lakes. Although these decision makers are in the U.S. and the on-the-ground work lies solely in the Lake Michigan watershed, an Asian carp invasion will impact all of us who recreate, enjoy and depend on the Great Lakes. “Few issues have captured the attention of Canadians the way Asian carp has. They are worried that if this invasive species makes its way into the Great Lakes, it will have a devastating impact on recreational opportunities, commercial fisheries, and lake-based tourism,” said Nancy Goucher, Program Manager with Environmental Defence.

On March 31, Freshwater Future submitted comments on behalf of 45 U.S. and Canadian groups and businesses urging the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to move forward separating the Great Lakes from the Mississippi River system to stop an Asian carp invasion.

Currently, the Army Corps of Engineers is reviewing all the comments from the public comment period and deciding if or what action they can take now, what they think needs to be done, and what action they will need Congress to approve. At the same time, Congress could decide to move an option forward by directing the Army Corps to start work. We are waiting to see what, if any, action the Army Corps and/or Congress is now going to take. We will keep you informed as soon as we hear anything from the Army Corps or Congress.



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