Director’s Note: Freedom from Fear

Director’s Note: Freedom from Fear

A recent message from Martha Beck about fear has gotten me thinking about the role fear plays in my life. It also got me thinking about the ways in which I can step out and eliminate fear by taking positive action.

The environmental issues we all focus on can produce fear if we let them. Some of my personal favorites are fear of contaminated water, fear of illness due to tox­ins, fear of losing a special place such as a local wetland and fear of lifestyle changes due to climate change.

The stories in this newsletter remind me that I can overcome my fears through action. The many citizen heroes highlighted here show the importance of personal action to our local communities and environments as well as to our larger Great Lakes and world communities.

While trying to save the world can be overwhelming and fear pro­ducing if we try to fix everything, focusing on making a difference in our own lives and communities provides the type of positive action that eliminates our fears and creates positive change in the world.



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