Accounting Insight Services Make an Impact in Kalamazoo Available to All Member Organizations Too

Accounting Insight Services Make an Impact in Kalamazoo Available to All Member Organizations Too

The Kalamazoo River Cleanup Coalition (KRCC) started as a grassroots citizen action group in 2007 to oppose an EPA-approved plan to dump PCB-contaminated river sediments dredged from the Kalamazoo River into the former Allied Paper site, inside the city limits of Kalamazoo, Michigan. In addition to this main priority, KRCC has partnered with other organizations and lo­cal funders to provide environmental education programs for at-risk youth at Pretty Lake Vacation Camp, storm water educatio


n for Ka­lamazoo Public School students and several “Kanoe the Kazoo” floats.

We recently spoke with KRCC’s Executive Director, Gary Wager, about his experiences utilizing Freshwater Future’s accounting In­sight Services.

Freshwater Future (FF): Why did you decide you needed bookkeeping help?
KRCC: Because I’m a staff of 0.5, and surely the last person to be in charge of tracking pennies! Otherwise, we have an all-volunteer board with limited time. We needed a simpler system. We hardly used Quickbooks, but updated to the latest version of the software. It was time to go ahead and start using it.

FF: What did Freshwater Future provide?
KRCC: We received some technical assistance from your staff who provided an online training session so we could learn how to effec­tively use Quickbooks as quickly as possible.
FF: How have things been since utilizing Freshwater Future’s bookkeeping services?
KRCC: We’re now ready to have our Treasurer set up an effective sys­tem to track our various grant funds and running balances.

Learn more about Freshwater Future’s Insight Services Grant Pro­gram, including help for accounting services, at grant-programs/


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