Hydrofracking: Freshwater Future Launches New Program to Monitor Impacts

Hydrofracking: Freshwater Future Launches New Program to Monitor Impacts

Many of our members, both individuals and organizations, have expressed concerns to Freshwater Future about a new type of drilling: horizontal hydrofracking. Are the chemicals used in fracking dangerous? Will it harm my drinking water? Is there a way to regulate it?

Community based groups around the region told us it would help them articulate the impact of fracking on our water resources if they could “demonstrate the bigger picture.” As a result, Freshwater Future created the following tools to help protect our water resources from this threat.

Oil and Gas Development and Disposal Map

Because oil and gas development is complex, our mapping tool allows you to look in your neighborhood or region to see if there are existing wells, disposals wells, or proposed fracking wells. We hope our groups can use this to address risks to our drinking water, lakes, and rivers.

Fact Sheets

As with most resources, extraction has both positive and negative impacts on the environment and society. Freshwater Future developed fact sheets to explain the pros and cons of hydrofracking. To learn more about this resource, contact cheryl@freshwaterfuture.org

Monitoring Program

To address concerns about the effects fracking has on our drinking water, Freshwater Future is developing a citizen monitoring program. Citizens will be able to test their own drinking water and report their results back to us.

To learn how you can become a citizen monitor, contact cheryl@freshwaterfuture.org.

To learn how you can become a citizen monitor, contact cheryl@freshwaterfuture.org.


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