What Does an Investment in Freshwater Future Provide?

What Does an Investment in Freshwater Future Provide?

by Ann Baughman

One of my responsibilities at Freshwater Future is to guide our fundraising efforts. I also help Freshwater Future member groups learn to use different fundraising tools and techniques. During my consulting sessions, one of the questions I often ask is, ”Why do you donate to charitable causes?” More specifically, ”Why do you donate to your own organization?”

Turning the questions around on myself, I donate to causes that match the values and interests of myself, my friends and my family. But I have to admit, one of the main reasons I choose to donate is it feels good. It feels good to know that my donation, no matter the size, supports work that is striving to make our world a better place. It feels good to know that my donation supports work that others can’t or won’t fund. Finally, it just makes me happy to be able to share.

My personal donation to Freshwater Future also feels good for many other reasons. As a staff member, I know how appreciative and respectful we all are for the generous donations you and many others contribute. The donations and funding goes toward furthering Freshwater Future’s special niche in protecting the Great Lakes section of the globe. We do things differently at Freshwater Future. We embrace change and innovation. We love collaboration and partnering. We are constantly asking ourselves if our work is making a difference and if not, how do we make changes to ensure we are getting closer to achieving our mission—ensuring the healthy future of our waters?

Because of this approach, a donation to Freshwater Future buys more than restoring and protecting our lakes, rivers, wetlands, shorelines, and drinking waters, it is an investment in solutions and new approaches to environmental problem solving.

Highlights of our work in 2012 include:

Provided nearly $300,000 in grants to communities to restore and protect lakes, rivers, wetlands, drinking water and shorelines bringing our total
Connected over 12,000 people to their Member of Congress
Gained four Congressional co-sponsors to the Federal Stop Invasive Species Act adopted this year
Cut 18 months from the Army Corps of Engineers timeline to complete their study to prevent the Asian carp invasion
Helped dozens of communities adapt to climate change by making their communities more resilient to flooding
On behalf of my co-workers and Board, thank you for your support. Together, we truly make a difference.



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