Freshwater Future Builds a Stronger Presence in Canada

Freshwater Future Builds a Stronger Presence in Canada

Freshwater Future is proud to announce that we are now incorporated in Canada and have applied for charitable status. While we have been working bi-nationally since we started in 1996, we made the decision to become a registered charity in Canada to establish a physical presence on the Canadian side of the basin. This will help us to do an even better job of supporting the basinwide and local efforts on both sides of the border to protect the land and water resources of the Great Lakes.

To help inform the growth of our presence in Canada, we were fortunate to be a co-sponsor of the recent Ontario Great Lakes Needs Assessment with the Canadian Freshwater Alliance. The results of this study, published in a report that you can find on our website, are serving as a great source of information on the needs of groups working to protect water in the Ontario portion of the basin. We look forward to reaching out to others working in this region to get their feedback on the assessment and determine how Freshwater Future can work with them to move this work forward.

To help us get started, Wendy Cooper has joined our team and over the next couple of months will be reaching out to groups to get their feedback on the results of the needs assessment, establish our first office in Canada, and develop short-term goals to guide our increased presence in Canada as part of our overall strategic plan. We look forward to keeping you up to date on our efforts in Canada through this newsletter, our website, Facebook and Twitter. To learn more, contact Wendy at



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