Director’s Notes: Consequences

Director’s Notes: Consequences

Jill Ryan, Executive Director

I have a 13 year old son. That’s probably enough to let you know that I am acutely aware of consequences in my personal life. Daily I witness my son learning that there are consequences to his actions—both positive and on occassion negative. This issue of the newsletter also makes me acutely aware of the consequences of our collective actions—what happens when we build our communities over time, when we use new techniques to extract the resources we rely on, or when we take resources from pristine areas we previously thought were protected.

The great thing about this collection of articles is that we also have the opportunity to use our personal and group actions to influence those long-term consequences. Where Front 40 sees the potential harmful consequences of a sulfide mine near the Menominee River, they take action to protect their way of life, including their water. Where mothers see the potential negative consequences of gas wells in their neighborhoods, they take action to ensure the safety of their families. When local citizens see their towns impacted by the consequences of larger storm events, they take action to help their communities adapt to the new reality. And the list could go on and on.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts to ensure that we take existing and potential negative consequences of our living on the land into consideration and look for ways to find positive solutions.



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