Illegal Activity — Transporting Live Asian Carp to Canada

Illegal Activity — Transporting Live Asian Carp to Canada

A taste for fresh carp in Toronto has created an unfortunate incentive for some people to try and transport live Asian carp from the United States into Canada. The Lacey Act in the United States prohibits the transport of live Asian carp, among other invasive or “injurious” species, across state lines. It is illegal in the province of Ontario to possess, buy or sell live Asian carp. Despite these laws, the demand for live fish has inspired people to illegally move these animals across borders. Thankfully, prosecutions are happening for those caught transporting these live and dangerous fish. As discussed in this issue of Freshwater Voices, eating carp will certainly satisfy one’s hunger and can be a temporary, short-term solution to slow down the carp invasion, but it won’t stop them. Transporting these fish already minced or processed into filets is the only way to go.



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