Milwaukee Climate Symposium Highlights

Milwaukee Climate Symposium Highlights

Climate change is here. Are you ready? After a couple of days filled with learning and laughter, the participants at our Milwaukee, WI Climate Symposium in November 2011 now have the basics for getting their community prepared for the impacts from climate change. Participants shared that they came to learn the basics of climate change and adaptation, and felt their expectations were fully met as they left with a solid foundation of information, knowledge of resources, and a network of people to engage with on this subject. Equally important, participants gained access to needed tools to develop a climate savvy project and write an adaptation grant application for Freshwater Future’s climate grants.

Ruth Johnson, from Town & Country Resource Conservation and Development shared, “I particularly liked and was impressed by the tenor and skill set used by all on the presentations. It was accurate and constructive and very on point yet given in such a neutral, supportive manner that people could drink in’ the information.“

Are you interested in making your community more climate savvy? If so, join us in Buffalo in Spring 2012 for our next Climate Symposium.

Special thanks to the following helping to make the event a success:

  • Kresge Foundation
  • New Prospect Foundation
  • Brico Fund
  • Lara Hansen, EcoAdapt
  • Jennie Hoffman, EcoAdapt
  • Marilyn Goris, Water Table
  • City of Milwaukee
  • Karen Sands, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewer District
  • Gail Oberholt, University of Wisconsin Extension



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