Director’s Notes – Does Your Pie Have A Piece of Civic Engagement?

Director’s Notes – Does Your Pie Have A Piece of Civic Engagement?

Jill Ryan,
Executive Director

I like pie—blueberry is my favorite. But there is anoth er type of pie, I have been paying more attention to late ly—the piece of my life pie that has to do with being involved in my community and partici pating as a citizen. If you think of your life as a pie—most of us divide our time and energy between six different pieces: 1) work; 2) relationships/family; 3) health; 4) spiritual ac tivities; 5) leisure time/fun; and 6) community or contributing to others.

Grab your favorite marker, crayon, pen and a piece of scratch paper and draw your life pie, making the size of the piece equal to the amount of time you generally spend on that activity. Do you like the size of the pieces? I would bet the leisure time/fun piece of pie is probably smaller than you would like. For most of our readers, I would guess the majority have a pretty big piece for community involvement. Thank you. Your involvement and willingness to speak out is critical to making our democratic in stitutions work.

Here at Freshwater Future, we know that being an involved citizen is key to getting successful changes to laws that will ultimately protect our lakes, rivers, wetlands and drinking water. We often ask you to speak out and it makes a difference. Your voices are helping us make progress on the Asian carp and other issues.

In the coming year, Freshwater Future will provide you many opportunities to engage. I invite you to share your voice and opinion to your elected offi cials about issues facing the Great Lakes. We’ll also share what other people are doing to benefit their communities. Personally, I’ll be making that piece of my life pie a bit bigger too. Will you join me?



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