Looking Forward to My Paddle…

Looking Forward to My Paddle…

by Jill Ryan, Executive Director

Does Your Group Need Some Extra Funding?

As the first day of summer passed yesterday I began to look forward to organizing my annual summer event to raise funds from my family and friends for Freshwater Future. Each year I pick a run, bicycle or paddle event and share the information through my e-mail list. From there, my friends can easily link to my personal website and sponsor my event in one easy process. All of the proceeds go to Freshwater Future to help us continue to build an effective environmental movement in the Great Lakes region.

Did you know that you can use this simple system to reach out and let your friends and family know about your important work and give them the opportunity to support both your work and that of Freshwater Future? Freshwater Future member groups can create their own local Walk, Paddle and Roll event(s) using our structure and administration and we share the proceeds with you from your event.

Past comments from participants include “this was the easiest ask I’ve ever made,” and “the Walk, Paddle and Roll helped our group move forward with individual fundraising.” The beauty of this virtual event is that no actual on-the-ground organizing or event is necessary. Each participant sets up their own walk, paddle or roll, sends an e-mail to their friends and family, and then Freshwater Future takes over. We handle the receipt of funds, thank you letters, administration, provide you with training and even send you a list of folks that donated to your event. Finally, we send you a check for at least 50% of the net proceeds.

If you haven’t considered this simple event and need some extra funds, please give us a call at 231.348.8200 or take a look at my personal event page at www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/jill-ryan-1/jillryan10.

Providing these tools to make your work easier and more successful than ever is what Freshwater Future is all about. We hope you will find this event useful to your efforts as well as a way to put some additional fun into your work.



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