Connecting Communities Toolbox

Connecting Communities Toolbox

Effective communication at the grassroots level is essential for groups working to preserve the health of rivers, lakes and wetlands in the Great Lakes Basin. With this in mind, the Biodiversity Project and Freshwater Future have created, and are distributing, the Great Lakes Connecting Communities (Communications) Toolbox. This free resource gives non-profit, grassroots organizations the tools they need to effectively deliver their message. Specific applications include sample press releases, print and radio ads, and a primer on conducting high-impact media campaigns. The Toolbox also contains public opinion research to ensure that advocacy on behalf of Great Lakes ecosystems is tailored to the right target audience.

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The GL Toolbox was developed in 2004 by Biodiversity Project with funding from the Great Lakes National Program Office of the EPA. Biodiversity Project retains ownership of the content in the Toolbox, which is provided here through a partnership with Freshwater Future.

Please note that some contact information may be out of date.  However the information and techniques in the toolbox are still relevant.

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