COVID-19 Community Resources

COVID-19 Community Resources

Our Commitment to Community

During this unprecedented crisis, Freshwater Future’s main priorities are to ensure the safety of our Great Lakes communities and partners and to help sustain public health and well-being. All of us and our families will be dealing with different levels of social, economic and health impacts from the precautions we need to take to help reduce the curve of the spread of COVID19. Know that Freshwater Future is here to help you in any way with support, information, outreach, and contacting public officials. Freshwater Future has been working diligently to ensure that water service is restored to those where it has been turned off and that safety issues continue to be at the forefront, such as availability of filters for lead and PFAS.  We will continue to move these critical water needs forward throughout the crisis and know that you will continue your important work as well.

Please let us know your needs and questions by contacting Alicia Smith, or 231.348-8200.

We are in this together, and together, we will overcome this crisis and rise.


Helpful Links & Resources

List of Home Remedies


Michigan Food Pantry Resources (from CRG) – Food Giveaways

How To Disinfect Your Home

Dr. Fauci Answers Questions About COVID-19 

Water Restoration Information & Resources

Detroit – Call Number to Turn Your Water Back On – English & Spanish

Detroit – Call Number to Turn Your Water Back On – English

Detroit – Call Number to Turn Your Water Back On – Bengali

Detroit – Call Number to Turn Your Water Back On – Arabic

Flushing Your System Once Water is Restored

Chicago Flushing Protocol – English

Chicago Flushing Protocol – Spanish

Ohio EPA Flushing Protocol – English


*Note: Content regarding remedies, disinfectants, or treatments are suggestions only and have not been approved by the CDC.  For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) click here.

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