People in Flint still need your help – tell the state to act!

Posted on June 3, 2016 by

The water crisis in Flint is far from over – water flowing into homes is still not safe without filtration.  People are afraid to use the water to drink and to bathe in.

The State of Michigan is responsible for helping fix this problem. We need the State to take leadership expediting and resolving it.

Why is the state responsible?

1)      Governor Synder appointed a manger to take over local decision making in Flint.

2)      This state appointed manager is the one who made the decision that resulted in lead leaching into Flint’s drinking water.

The state now needs to act quickly in fixing the problem this decision making created.

Will you help us tell state legislators to stay committed to fixing the problem state appointed decision makers made in Flint by passing SB 777 out of the House Appropriations Committee?

This bill provides $128 million in Flint for things like pipe replacement, a reserve fund for future expense, and related community member needs.  Most local units of government are not equipped to react to such catastrophic occurrences so quickly.  These funds are needed to help equip and empower the local government to effectively lead efforts in this massive and urgent fix.

You can help by clicking here and sending a letter to members of the House Appropriations Committee urging them to pass SB 777.

Thank you for supporting efforts to ensure people in the Great Lakes region have clean drinking water in their homes!


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