Michigan Legislators Poised to Take Your Right to Information Away

Posted on May 13, 2015 by

There is a bill moving in the state legislature that would use “national security” as justification for taking away citizens’ rights under Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act. Under the bill basic information “about the production, generation, transportation, transmission, or distribution of fuel or energy” would be exempt from Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act. That means we would no longer be able to access critical information as citizens.

Will you help us stop this bad bill?

Exemptions provided in this bill would mean that the public would have no right to information about the location of proposed infrastructure expansions, or the design of any new infrastructure. This exemption would essentially preempt the public from being meaningfully involved in any permitting processes whatsoever. Imagine attempting to advocate for mitigation or stricter permit limits or re-routing if you are precluded from knowing where such facilities are even to be located and what sort of footprint and components they might have.

Not surprisingly, House Bill 4540 appears to be on a fast track and lobbyists are working hard to get this bill passed. A hearing could be as soon as this Thursday! If we have any hope of killing this bad bill, we need people like you to contact their legislators and let them know you are concerned about this bill – and we made it easy to do, just click here.

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